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Are the mineral makeups as good as they say and will other brands besides the expensive infomercial ones good

Oh yes. Covergirl just came out with a line of minerals in foundation, blush, and bronzer. I've always trusted Covergirl, and these new products give you a good coverage and color, while making your skin look luminous.

I'm not sure which one, but Maybelline or L'Oreal also has a line of minerals. These work very very well.

Jane also has a line, but their skin products aren't very good, and besides, they test on animals so...

If your skin is more sensitive, Physician's Formula has line of minerals that you can trust for allergies, acne, and such.

Some drugstore products measure up to department store lines. You just have to know which brands to trust.

Hope I helped. Good luck!Are the mineral makeups as good as they say and will other brands besides the expensive infomercial ones good
Mineral makeup is the best way to go because they're natrual and more natrual ingredidents inward them and you should consider getting oil-free makeup too to prevent acne and major breakouts. Try netrugena oil-free makeup, it hides acne the whole day while covering it up. You can get ti at drugstores.Are the mineral makeups as good as they say and will other brands besides the expensive infomercial ones good
mineral makeups are REALLY good for you. I'm serious...
Mineral makeups are good for sensitive and oily skin. They tend to be a little drying if you already have dry skin. You don't have to get bare essentials or whatever for it to be good. Physicians Formula is a brand you can find at walmart for like $10, and it is completely safe for sensitive skin, oily skin, or dry skin. It is talc free, and there are different varieties to choose from. Hope this helped a little.

PS....I have eczema so this is a really good makeup for me.
I have been using bare essentials and its very expensive. But no other minerals have made my skin clear and clean with such a light finish, way worth it, only use there foundation and blush. Anything else and you are wasting your money!
I dnt think Bare Essentials is that good. It doesn't cover much of anything. You might want to buy some cheap ones first and see if you like it. I prefered the physicians mineral powder more which was under $10. compared to Bare minerals.


What makeup brushes should come in an ideal set? And what is the best set out there that isn't too expensive?

I'm looking for a set of makeup brushes but I've noticed that many of the sets that I've don't have a foundation brush which was recommended by a makeup artist. What other brushes should come in the set and what do they look like and how should I use them? I'm new to the makeup thing. Also, I bought Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner. I was told by a friend that I don't have the right brush to apply it. What brush should I use for that? Are there pictures of these brushes to help me shop?What makeup brushes should come in an ideal set? And what is the best set out there that isn't too expensive?
I definitely recommend All of their makeup brushes are $1.00 each %26amp; they have every brush imaginable. You probably need an eyeliner brush for the gel eyeliner. sells those. What makeup brushes should come in an ideal set? And what is the best set out there that isn't too expensive?
here are some good make up brushes...…

these are a good set…

I have the first set and this brush..… they are both good
I love this brush set that i got on the weekend it had a powder foundation brush a eye shadow brush a smudge brush a crease brush and a angles eyeliner brush it is a five peice brush set from sephora and is 38.50 and they are SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO soft
idk about the set thing but im pretty sure that you need an angle brush for gel eyeliner like this:…
Just get a set of MAC brushes, they contain everything and last.
The Body Shop has THE best brushes, hands down
The M.A.C. Brush sets are ideal for a begginer. They are somewhat expensive but if you treat them right they will last for years. Plus, you can build a solid and reliable brush set from them. Btw, most of your brushes should be soft and feel comfortable on your skin.

But the ideal set to me:

Foundation brush: Should be slightly firm. Like a paint brush it should command the foundation not the other way around.

Big powder brush: Should be soft on the face and have a big radius.

Small blush brush: Should be soft with a medium radius. As a rule I use this brush exclusively for my red/main blush that goes on the apple of my cheeks.

Angled blush brush: Should be soft. I use this exclusivly for my under eye highlight and lowerlight colors. This makes it so I don't have to keep cleaning my other blush brush

Medium shadow brush: For covering entire eye area or large amounts.

Small shadow brush: For the lids. This brush is better at confined area work.

Blending brush: usualy used in creases but it will blend anywhere. Just use circular movments to distribute the makeup.

Fine/thin angled liquid liner brush: for well... eyeliner and other very fine detail work. Can help color eyebrows.

Don't forget that many brushes can serve more than one purpose. Ex: I use my angled eye liner brush to color my eyebrows with residual eyeliner. I smudge my eye liner with my small shadow brush. You get the point.

Note: The less complicated makeup you do the less brushes you need. Don't get pressured into buying more than you feel you can handle. And always talk to a makeup artist when you go into a store (especialy if you're buying). They know the products and can help you get a better understanding of the tricks of the trade.

What kind of makeup should i use for school?what brand?what colors?and not 2 expensive

this is what i look like;_ylc=X3oDMTR1NTdxZnMyBEFjdGlvbgNUaHVtYm5haWwgY2xpY2tlZARJbnRsA3VzBExua1R5cANSZWd1bGFyBFBhcnRUeXBlA1lhaG9vIQRSZXNQb3NBAzAEUmVzUG9zUgMEU3JjaEN1cnIDcGhvdG8EU3JjaERlc3QDcGhvdG8EX1F1ZXJ5SWQDMTYxNTc3NTY2OTQ4OWE2NjNmODNmN2UEX1MDMTUwNTAwNzU2?show=largephoto%26amp;folderid=@S@Search%26amp;mid=1_6344_1_20156_0_AItk/NgAANeSSFvwFAOeFCcBoNE%26amp;partid=2%26amp;name=0620081358.jpg%26amp;size=68608%26amp;search=1What kind of makeup should i use for school?what brand?what colors?and not 2 expensive
It won't show your picture. But all I use is Saphora compact, Great Lash mascara, and just a clear lip gloss. That's all I need. And it looks so natural. What kind of makeup should i use for school?what brand?what colors?and not 2 expensive
links not working. sry.
This may sound funny but, i buy mine at walgreens. it is really good make-up and works really well. if your skin is very pale, gray, purple, or pink is good. if your skin is dark use dark colors. any brand at walgreens is good. And the make-up is not that expensive.
Simple make-up, not too flashy, light colors.
the link doesnt work
Pic doesn't work...

I use Covergirl lash blast %26lt;--- BEST MASCARA EVER! Black. $8 at CVS or something like that.

Foundation all depends on skin tone... Usually about $12 average. You can get it cheap though.

Blush, go for a light to medium pink.

Eyeliner (the best part of makeup)

Cover-up for when you need it :) There's liquid and stick. I use the stick, but I know others use liquid. I just think the stick covers more.

The Body Shop has nice stuff, but it can get expensive sometimes. GREAT products though. I usually just go down the makeup aisle at CVS.

the picture wont show

but you should use sheer cover mineral makeup

order the kit on it;s online store-it will tell you what colors youll need

u get foundation/brushes/lipgloss/bronzer/conc鈥? all comes in a cool case
Well you can never go wrong with earthtones and they will be much better for school because you will not be overdoing it and it will appear natural. Covergirl and maybelline are good brands. Cover Girl has a quad eyeshadow that is called country woods and its pretty good. I put a darker line in the crease of your lid and then a lighter on lower lid and then an even lighter shade at the top of your lid and then use an eyeliner which I use a pencil and if you're on a budget wal-mart has like love my eyes pencils for like a dollar and then mascara and a blush and light lipstick and you'll look great!
try Almay, they have foundation that turns into your ideal foundation (it comes in light, light/medium, medium and deep/ for darker skin people)

they also have the blush and bronzer theat transforms into your ideal shade, they have products to ';Play up'; and ';bring out'; the color of your eyes (shadow, mascara and liner, for: blue, hazel, brown %26amp; green eyes)

Heres the link:

hope i helped
The link doesn't work...[I know everybody already said that].

Well...fer school, you should prolly use something natural looking.

So, maybe concealer if you have an pimp[le]s...

mascara ta make your eyes pop.

Some blush, %26amp;%26amp; finish off with some pinkish lip-gloss [:

[Don't know exactly what brands...Avon. haha.]鈥?/a>
Something like this:鈥?/a>

Hope this helps!
wel the link doesnt work for me but from what i see on ur avatar thing, ur pretty tan so anything that brings out summer glow is great. gold and brown eyeshadow for a sexy smoky look, nude lipgloss and bronzer. if you go to the pharmacy, theres a million brands but since u said not too expensive im not recommending sephora or mac. actually, macs okay when it comes to their prices but dont buy their brushes cuz they go for like 24 dollars which is ridiculous. mac hands down has the best eyeshadows. but covergirl is very reliable when it comes to foundations and bronzers and stuff like that.
a natural neutral borwn/beige look. check out youtube type in fafinettex3 and click her page she has great looks and videos! im kinda in a bum with my makeup too
if your soooooo worried about how u look go to party city and buy a halloween mask to wear

Hmm, well, the link doesn't work, at least for me, but this is what I'm going to say.

Try going to Target/Walmart/Drug stores (such as Sav-On, etc) for more casual wear colors if you don't want to spend money.
sorry i cant see the pictures! but i would just do a natural this...鈥?/a>

she has other good videos on how to do other looks too!

good luck!
DON'T use CoverGirl or Maybeline. It's the WORST make up for your skin (says my cosmetologist.) Use Neutrogena or Almay, if you can't afford the stuff from Macy's. If you can, use Perspective Minerals.
Well first your link doesnt workkk .

BUt you might wanna tryyy .

the lip gloss from victoria secrettt.

ITs reallyy goooddd .

When you put eyeliner eyeliner on the top it makes your ey elook bigger when you put i on the bottom it brings out your eyee sooo try too figure that outt annndd usee powderrr i dont know what colors you need b.c the link the doesnt workkk but hope i helpedd ( ;

Where can I take a profesional makeup course in NYC ???can`t be more than 3 weeks long . Not too expensive.?

Where can I take a profesional makeup course in NYC ???can`t be more than 3 weeks long . Not too expensive.Where can I take a profesional makeup course in NYC ???can`t be more than 3 weeks long . Not too expensive.?
Does this help?鈥?/a>

It sounds fun!

Best of luck to you. . .

Can anyone recommend a mineral makeup? preferably one of the less expensive ones, I'm on a budget.?

I am a ';fall'; complexion and tend to have dark circles under my eyes quite often.Can anyone recommend a mineral makeup? preferably one of the less expensive ones, I'm on a budget.?
Well the best is Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation it is really very light but with full coverage , you won't even know you have anything on, the cost is around 30.00 but a little goes a long way from my experience the tube lasts longer than 6 months so really in the long run its less expensive than the drug store brands because they don't last as long. Bee-Luscious Cosmetics has so many products and they are all awesome, search bee royal productsCan anyone recommend a mineral makeup? preferably one of the less expensive ones, I'm on a budget.?
Loreal has a great product. I use it %26amp; LOVE it! It is fairly inexpensive (around 11.00 @ WalMart)
The mineral makeup is really not all that spectacular. It doesn't work well on dark circles, and quite honestly it's just another one of those gimmick products. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon just ebcause it said ';natural.';

The best product I've found is StudioFix by MAC. It's a powder form of foundation, and you can easily adjust the coverage witha brush or dampened sponge. For undereye circles, they have an excellent concealer witha wand (I forgot the product name.) Just make sure you go to the MAC store or counter and are properly matched to a color.

Don't bother buying cheap makeup - you'll only get cheap results. The MAC foundation is about 25 dollars and lasts me at least 3 months with daily application.
everyday minerals is only about $12 and $6 for the smaller size. Very good quality.
bare minerals. the starter kit is inexpensive..
Try True Match....its not as bad as some of the make up out there...and it comes with a think to apply it with..but i suggest u by a make up the ones for blush...
Bare essentials ! Try . They have special offers now.
I would suggest using ID Bare Minerals. The starter kit is $59.98 w/out shipping . While that might seem like a lot of money for makeup, the kit comes with 2 shades of foundation so that you can mix and match to work with your natural skin tone year round, as well as a warmth shade to work as a bronzer or blush, and mineral veil, which is a shear powder to set your makeup. You also recieve a great eye shadow or eye concealer. When ordering, you have the option to choose from 6 shades ranging from fair to dark. Because each shade comes with two different foundation tones, it is very easy to quickly create the perfect foundation for your skin. Also, when purchasing the starter kit, you also recieve three brushes for daily application, as well as a compact and brush for travel or your purse, as well as a demonstration DVD, to help you learn to use the products. The company gives you the option of joining their ';club'; which would ship you a new supply every 3 months, but i found that opting out of that plan was the best idea, you just do it after you recieve your first shipment. I have found that the starter kit lasts me somewhere between 8 months to a year,using the products daily, making it well worth the money spent. I have been using Bare Minerals for 3 or so years now and i could not be happier with the natural coverage the product provides.
I'm using the L'Oreal Bare Minerals makeup and I like it a lot. It's SO easy to appy and it evens out my skintone and looks very natural on, almost like no makeup at all. You know, ';me'; only a lot better! You will still need to use a creamy concealer to help cover any dark circles under your eyes but that will be the case no matter what foundation you use.
Definitely loreal and if is eye shadow what you're talking about you should try the new loreal hip products they're no so expensive and it looks great
i've tried everyday minerals and bare minerals...stuck with bare minerals for about a isn't too expensive once you get the starter kit. i like everyday minerals more, suits more skin types, but i stopped using both because they didn't give me enough coverage. if you're looking for something natural that's going to give you sheer to medium coverage at best i would say go with everyday minerals it's just as good if not better than bare minerals and a lot less expensive. i use MAC cosmetics now and i am really starting to love it. hope that helps.
Look up Arbonne, I know that is mineral based.
  • What are some bold makeup brands that aren't ridiculously expensive?

    I'm rather new to makeup, and don't want to spend a ton if I'm mostly going to be experimenting.

    I like bold colors of eyeliner and eyeshadow, and occasionally colored mascara.

    I know Sephora Brand is inexpensive, but I was looking for something more well-made, because that stuff seems pretty generic.

    Also, I don't want to use drugstore brands on my eyes, because some people say that they're cheaply made and can cause eye-infection/irritation.

    I have a ';scene'; makeup style, but don't load it on.

    And if you know any perfumes that don't cost a load of money, that'd be awesome.

    Tips would help too!

    Ahh, I put so many questions in here!

    I'm 12, so I don't want to spend a ton, I have to use my own money, I'm just experimenting because this is the first year I'm allowed to wear [light] makeup to school. Please don't comment saying things like ';You're too young, go play outside!'; or ';Does your mother know that you're wearing this?'; because my parents are well-aware of what I do. Also, please don't say that I should go ';natural'; or ';sheer'; because I don't like doing that, since it's just taking up time in the mornings to see a plain face, not practical, in my opinion.

    (P.S. My skin isn't sensitive, so that isn't something I have to be concerned about)

    Thanks!What are some bold makeup brands that aren't ridiculously expensive?
    MAC is probably the best for colors.. they have an awesoem product called pigment... really bold eye shadow. It is not the cheapest makeup but not the most expensive either. I suggest going with a cheaper foundation/powder line and using MAC for the eyeshadows,liners.mascara, etc.What are some bold makeup brands that aren't ridiculously expensive?
    Since your only 12 you should get some makeup at Icing, like a big case and you can see what looks best on you. When you get to be 15 or 16 you might want to spend more on maybe Mary Kay or Mac but your too young to use that much money on makeup.
    i like can have a look at these mac makeup i like , they are not expensive.鈥?/a>
    Try contacting an Avon Beauty Adviser. They can help you with what you need and they have very low prices. If you are interested, email me and I will help you contact one.鈥?/a>

    This what you are looking for? You GOTTA look at page two and the POP Art Palette. These colors are INSANE!!!!!

    Does anybody know what kind of makeup that is like Clinque but is not a expensive. Or it works like Clinque?

    I don't know any that are similar to Clinique (possibly Almay) but I've gotten some good deals on Clinique on eBay in the past. And, I don't buy used so I'm talking about new. Some sellers have sample kits which I really like b/c I can try new products w/o the expense or waste of a whole bottle of something I don't like.Does anybody know what kind of makeup that is like Clinque but is not a expensive. Or it works like Clinque?
    mary kay it works wonderfullyDoes anybody know what kind of makeup that is like Clinque but is not a expensive. Or it works like Clinque?
    In Singapore there are a lot of beauty stores selling Cheap and good skin care and cosmetic, try or try Yahoo Auctions Singapore . The Face Shop
    Almay, neutrogena, dove and physician's formula all work for the face and are reasonably priced. Each product works with your type of face and you have to buy one product at a time to find the one that you feel comfortable with. Clinique has good/bad effects on people. But any product you have to test to see if you have any allergic reactions to it. Everyone's skin is different.
    eyes lips face, thats the name of the store but for short e.l.f.They are really cheap! Or avon
    Physician Formulas.
    Mary Kay. Is 100% guaranteed. They work with you not against you. Customer Service is their #1 priority. Great quality products!
    neutrogena's makeup line is really great and most of their stuff is skin clearing or has spf and things like that. it stands for eyes lips and
    I don't know about how they work, but Almay is much similar in color selection...up until recently it looked almost exactly like a Clinique knockoff.
    yes @ the mall at okc or at any mall in the makeup department
    skin cream